Skiing in Indiana

Skiing at Paoli Peaks is a great place for a beginner. They advertise that 25% of the runs are beginner and 55% are intermediate. With all this beginner space, there is a much more gradual increase in skills. You can certainly work your way up to the more experienced levels very quickly.

Z on his board.

There is a huge lodge with rentals, food, bathrooms and all that jazz. But, I would not recommend eating at the peaks as food at ski resorts can be quite expensive and not always the highest quality. A better bet would be to explore the local area come lunch time.

Another great attraction of the area is French Lick Casino. While I am not a big fan of gambling, it can be fun just to pretend to be a high roller for the evening. Z and I went with friends a few months ago, and even though I only played $10 I was entertained for a few hours just watching the novelty of it all.

My skis, on the lift.

French Lick boasts of “Beaux Arts architectural style, an eclectic Neoclassical style known for its grandiosity and ornate masonry work” – and I have to say, I was impressed with the elegance of the building and the atmosphere in general.


Check out my time-lapses from Paoli Peaks: