Gear: Orikaso Folding Dishes

The plan has always been to eat out of the cooking vessel, but my meal planning is getting more broad. As my knowledge of backwoods food options grows, so does my need for containers. For example, maybe I want rice, mashed potatoes and sausage – all at once. And maybe I don’t want my rice all up in my mashed potatoes.. So I started hunting for UL dishes. After comparing the Squishy bowls, Fossil plates, and a few random other options, I’ve decided to get a set of Orkaso dishes.

From the Orkaso website:

Ori-(to fold)kaso-(plastic): the art of folding plastic.

Applied to tableware this results in a heat resistantwatertight mug, bowl or plate which is constructed from a completely flat piece of polypropylene. Weighing only a few grams and less than a millimetre thick, Orikaso is far easier to transport and store than ‘traditional’ tableware in any situation where weight and space are an issue. Due to the unique properties of polypropylene, Orikaso products can be used time and time again without suffering any kind of structural fatigue or weakening. And the good news is that polypropylene is 100% recyclable!

These seemed like a good choice, as they can hold more than Fossil and appear sturdier, as there are no parts or buttons – just folding. Squishy bowls are neat looking, but I’ll need something more like a plate for most of my planned meals. Orikaso is ultra lightweight and lays completely flat.

It does seem like it will take some practice to get the assembly down, but I think it will be super easy after a few tries. I expect my set to arrive in the next week or so, and I will revise this post with my own personal review after some tests.